instagrams and a near escape ugly cry.

 food pictures are the best.  can i get an amen?
 we were on our way to swim lessons and she said, "here caca, take my pi'ture by des elephants."  usually she says, "i dont wike elephants."
 we went to mexican for the fellas seventh birthday.  and everyone was so so good.
like it was fun eating out with three kids.  who knew?
 i blew her hair dry straight and then curled the ends, "oh i wook just wike belle!"  
girl was feel go-od about herself.
i am pet sitting for a friend.  two dogs and two bunnies.  
i have asthma, but thought i had really grown out of it.  
meet bunnies and their dander, can we say asthma attack? (caffiene) cures an asthma attack.  did you know that?  totally works.


can i tell you what happened to me last night?  brad, little bit and myself went to clarksville (morrison lane, in fact) because mom had made brad a birthday dinner.  henry and his mom came too.  if you remember, i have talked about henry here, not that long ago.  long story short, i was henry and his siblings nanny when he was born and lived there for five years while he was a sick sick little boy.  going through more than most go through in a life time.  he is non verbal and he just might hold the key to my heart (you too, brad).  so last night, when we walked in the door...henry came running to me as fast as his legs could carry him and embraced me in a henry hug and said "ca-ca!" (that's my nick name)

i looked at brad, brad looked at me and said, "did he say caca?"  i said "yes."  and tried to not go into the ugly cry.

it was a moment.  and i hugged him back and said, "did you say caca?"  it was more than awesome.
i fell in love with that boy seventeen years ago, and its moment like that when i am reminded what love really is.  what a moment.

happy friday, friends.


Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Aw yay!!! :) Such a happy day! Even if your nickname is ca-ca.... haha ;)

jessica dukes said...

:-) haha!

Shannon Dukes said...

I am enjoying reading your blog! I want to see more of your photography! I KNOW you must have some great photos of those stinkers! How cute that you did her hair and she said she looked like Belle! =)

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