if it's not a kid, it's a dog...

a friend of ours went out of town for two weeks and asked me to dog sit and bunny sit, two of both.  they live close to work, so its absolutely no inconvenience to me to feed them and play with them, and who doesn't like a furry little pal to play with that is not yours?

except here's the thing, nashville is pushing 110 degree weather going on the forth day now.  so it's too hot for dogs to be outside all day.  so guess who has two new house guest?  jessica and brad.

so this weekend and maybe for the unforseen future until they come home, we have some furry friends living with us.  and brad has fallen in love with the little black poodle...like in love, maybe i have been replaced by a black pup.  her name is lilly, i like to call her serena [williams] because she has a general bad attitude.  when i come close to brad, she growls at me.  it's quite hilarious.

brad has already been in talks with me to ask the owners if she needed a new home.

the bunnies on the other hand, i have learned that i am deathly allergic to them.  after five minutes in their little room feeding them and giving them water, my eyes swell and look like i have jaundice and pink eye in both eyes and my lungs feel like they are collapsing.  it's an awesome feeling really.  so i have given that job to brad as well.

that was our weekend - borrowed pets, wimbledon, a day date to fidos for coffee and the belcourt for the movie, moonrise kingdom.  it was a good weekend.  and as i write this on a sunday night while brad is on the phone with his dad, i am going to soon begin my attempts to beg to get cheap mexican---quick, fast and in a hurry---because the olympic trials are on, and god forbid i miss a swimming or balance beam routine.

and a funny:  i was at work the friday night with the little fellas and i let them stay up an hour late to watch the olympics with me.  girls gymnastics was on---at nine, i finally said, "okay, guys, bedtime."  one of the fellas said, "thanks for letting us stay awake a whole hour late!"  and the other one said, "you know, ms.  jessica...i think you should try out for the balance beam.  i mean, i think you would be terrible.  but you should try."  i am still laughing.


Brooke said...

So cute! I'm doing a link-up on my blog today of snapshots and instagram pictures. If you have 20 seconds, I'd love for you to link up :)



Brooke said...

Oh my gosh, thank you so much!

Leah said...

ohmygish! 110 deg in nashville! YIKES that's HOT!

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