napa valley and murder. {got chills yet? me too.}

when we went to napa valley on our trip, not gonna lie---i had a total stereotypical idea of what it would be in my head.  derived from i have no idea.  but this is what i thought it would be:  vineyards everywhere you look, and just a perfect little place of lush and beauty everywhere.  little women with blue hair and to much makeup that were totally cute and then the paris hilton types with their dogs.
it is napa after all.

well, when i'm wrong i say i'm wrong. (name that movie!) i was totally right about the vineyards everywhere.  if there was land there was a vineyard.  hills, valleys, real big hills...they makin' wine baby.  i wonder what the DUI rate is in that town?  but talking about tearing down what i thought napa would be...when we got out of our car and walked in the marriot, the very first thing i noticed was some very large men everywhere.  not large like oh man, you are tall!  did you play basketball? kinda large, but just big.

turns out the raiders were in town too.  the raiders football team and us.  awesome.  i like this place.  and wouldn't you know it, there was also a filming site that we had to see too. (if you've read my blog for long, you know that one of brad's full time hobbies and loves is finding filming locations and exact places where the happenings took place.)

case in point:

and most all of his treks just lead me to another place i haven't been and i get to take pictures and buy new clothes for the trip so what's a girl got to loose.  side note:  why is it?  you have plenty of clothes.  everything you need until you are going to a new place?  and then suddenly you have absolutely nothing to wear.  it's a problem.  i know i'm not alone.

this location was a little different.  it was a true story surrounding the murder mystery of the zodiac killings.  brrrrrrrrrr, yeah.  one murder location riiiiiight were we were.  and of course not a soul was around.  oh no.  not even a little chirping bird for the ear to hear.  needless to say, i stayed away from down there.  no thanks and hurry up.  and trust me, i can too get your picture from here.  i can.  let me tell you if a car would have pulled up behind where i was standing with my camera, i might have peed all over myself then and there as a grown adult woman.  just call me fergie.

done and done.  now let's go.  please.
little did i know san francisco's crime scene would be even more freaky.  and of course we found it.  smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood.
bless my little fast beating heart.

i could spend some serious re-lax-a-tion up in these hills.  i'm not even a wine drinker, but i'd belly up to the wine tastings to stay here for a while.
my my.

i tweeted where we should eat in napa and this is one of the place candace cameron bure (DJ TANNER!!!) tweeted back to me.  it was way overpriced, but of course delicious since it had her stamp of approval and because i mean, it was just kinda cool.

we found this little awesome deli for breakfast the next morning.  it was painted pink and white stripes on the outside and who doesn't want to eat somewhere like that?  it was fun and good and so seemed to be the local dive.

napa.  lovely country.  i like water more than wine, but still add it to your to do list.  right at the top.  before grocery and target. and just throw abandon to the wind, and call me---'cause i'm coming too.

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