our resident fur ball.

she looks like a little black ball of fur, and she is.  i think she is pretty comfortable living here.  we lucked out when we adopted this ball of fur, peggy london.  she's a good puppy, sweet and mostly cute.    i think she feels the same about us:  good humans, sweet and cute.

growing up, we had every country dog in the book.  if there was a stray within a ten mile radius of morrison lane, we fed it and then it ruined moms flowers in the spring, she cursed it (cursing:  you stupid dog!  roy!  come and look what this dog did!  not #$%^ cursing.  she would appreciate me clarifying) and swore she hated dogs, but still fed them all...repeat times ten for my entire life.  but we never had an inside dog, a dog that was mine that i had to take care of---there was millard filmore, yes, but he was outside.

peggy london.  so glad we found you.

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