a christmas story house tour.

the a christmas story house did not disappoint in cleveland.  i've only seen the movie once, but while i was there i pulled my scarf a little tighter and could just smell christmas in the air.  perfect.

a christmas story house is in cleveland, ohio.  everything in the house is hands on and nothing is off limits, if you are ever in the cleveland area or are just a fan of the movie, you should for sure go.  if there would have been snow on the ground it would have been just a little more perfect.
but then the tour guide told us the snow in the movie was fake anyway...so we immediately felt better.  {and i stopped secretly tearing little peices of white paper in my pocket to eventually throw in the air and yell "snow!" ---i suspect that would have went over...well, not well.}

have you seen the movie?
what's your favorite christmas movie?


Amanda said...

You were right by my house!

Holly said...

I didn't know you could tour this house?!

Such a classic movie. This year Target has movie merchandise from it in their $1 section. :)

Amy Ross said...

That's yet another place I haven't gone to but talked for years about visiting. Glad you had fun! Maybe one of these days we'll take that looong 20 minute drive to see it.

jessica dukes said...

y'all should go! its so fun and easy to tour and everything is okay to touch...its really fun!

Anonymous said...

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