good tidings.

i tore this page out in my december issue of oprah magazine because i wanted to remember to do this.  i love Q & A anything, and this fits the bill to get this blog headed head first in the holiday season.  i mean, if i can't put up the tree yet, might as well throw the candy canes in the air on the blog?

can i get a ho ho ho amen?

jessica dukes

my surefire way to beat the christmas blues is to...just come home and turn on the lights of the christmas tree, get some hot cocoa or coffee and be.  i love our home, it is peaceful and a true shelter from the crazy go, go, go of the every day.  

the best gift i've ever received is...hmmm, that would probably be my DSLR camera that brad got me when we were still friends.  not only was it way too nice of a gift, what was more special about it was the thought behind it.  he was giving me a gift and saying i believe in you all at the same time.  i keep it close to me at all times, and he is often my target.  my holly hobby kitchen might be a close second...

i learned the power of giving when...i was in mexico on a mission trip with my church as a teenager and saw how much the people around us really did need.  and anything we gave them, even as small as a piece of gum, was a true gift.  it doesn't take much to touch someones heart.

one of my favorite things in life is...can i do three?  sure i can, i make the rules here.  brad, peggy and my refillable starbucks app on my phone (that thing is awesome!)

now your turn.  wanna get all oprah on me, and do your own?  let me know if you do, i'd love to read it!


Daydream Believer said...

I LOVE this! I also loved your answers. I might have to steal this for an upcoming post...I'll let you know! ;-)

Ruthie Hart said...

one of my fave gifts was my DSLR camera for my bday last changed my life!

Kassi Mortensen said...

I think DSLR cameras as a gift are THE BOMB! Best gift idea ever! ;)

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