instagram {love}.

these instagrams describe me to a T.  a little travel, a lot of lil bit, brad and peggy, total instagram snapshot into my life. everything i see is a photograph, so it's no secret or surprise that i love instagram.  when i lost my phone a few months ago, i had major IG withdrawals.  

well, let's just say i've caught up big time.  
i can't say enough about her love for brad.  it was so organic, he's known her since she was born and is an extension of me, and she sees my love him and just mimics my love for him.  he might be her favorite person, the squeals of delight when she knows she will see him thrills my heart and gives me a  small glimpse to what a sweet dad he will be to our children one day.  be still my little soft nanny heart. i love anyone who loves on my kids that i love.  and he loves so well.
sick day thursday.  and girl friend whined all day.  and was needy.  and was whiney.  did i mention needy?  

and i kinda loved that she needed me so.  we eventually ended the day with a dance party with christmas music and halloween cookies.  because, why not.
this just happened.  she's in huge trouble.  huge meaning, she is curled up beside me as i write this sound asleep, clearly the fear of god is in her...


instagram, what did i ever do without you?  i'd love to have you follow me on my little life on IG, i'm morrisonlane on there, i like to keep it simple.  

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