glitter + washi tape bunting {tutorial}

this weekend things got crazy at our house.

this weekend we hauled out the christmas decorations.

the only reason i'm not typing in all caps is because that's a terrible things to do.

but i am kinda jumping up and down and talking really fast as i tell you this.

for i really like christmas.  and all it's decor.

the front porch, eh, well...we won't talk about that.

for it tis struggling a little still.

and i got crafty.

i'm kinda obsessed with bunting as of late.  the word, the whole line of neatly aligned objects.
give a girl some aqua glitter paper, a doilie and some washi tape.
oh my starry eye surprise! goodness, my brain sometimes is amazing.

didn't even see this bad boy on pinterest.
it twas all jessica-terest inspired.
i'm that good, folks.
here's the top of the tree.  i hadn't decided on the skirt so...

apparently, i'm not that good.

and the background, well...just keeping it real.
all that nonsense up above about how great i am?
that was a joke.  i'm simple and cheap.
simple (ingredients for the perfect glitter with a side of snowflake bunting):
12 inch square scrap booking paper
washi tape
twine or your choice of string (use what you got)
secret ingredient (glue)

cause we all know you can't tape anything to glitter.
{even though i totally did set the ten pound bag of potatoes on it while we went to see lincoln.}
our back door is where most people come in our house.  and it's the weirdest room ever.
it backs up to the living room, and to the left is the kitchen and then the hallway.
it's not a dining room, or a bedroom.
i think we will eventually make it a little seating area, reading nook space, but for now it is full of randomness.
well, its empty, except for a large rug and this desk.

when you have twelve people over for thanksgiving though, you are thankful for a large empty room because it provides room for another table.
like i planned it.
i took all these pictures with my phone because my DSLR was buried somewhere under the glue and glitter paper.
and sometimes it's just easier to take pictures with your sidekick.

i wanted the bunting to be pretty much square, but i am no perfectionist and like a little quirky in most things.
so i just cut the large square into four squares and then cut the triangle in each piece.
cut the doilies in half and "taped" them on.
then i glued everything.
then i yelled,
"brad!  can you come here a minute!"
and he came.
and i said, "hey, will you tell me if this is even" as i was standing in a chair and eyeing the perfect spot to make it even.
except i was off like two inches.
thankful for that boy and his eye.

easy peasy.
and the effect is just what i was going for.
i mean, who doesn't love a little too much glitter around the holidays?


Kassi Mortensen said...

How festive you are!!! I love the bunting! So sparkly!!!!

Amanda said...

Adorable! You almost make me want to bust out my holiday decor this weekend. Almost. :)

jessica dukes said...

hahaha! do it amanda!

thanks kassi! i love it too!!!

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