madonna, ralphie and biscuits.

the weekend in four words. {then i'm going to expound because i never wanna be blamed for getting right to the point of a story.  you are welcome.}
-a christmas story

we've never been to ohio together. yes, madonna was playing closer and what would seem cooler places but ohio was needing to be visited by the dukes and we would be able to meet my friend, lisa.  so we packed up the car, kissed the dog and set out on our merry way. cleveland, ohio was our destination.

madonna does cleveland. 

apparently, brad and jessica do too.

the only problem with ohio is kentucky. you have to go THROUGH kentucky to get to cleveland (no offense, nicole and brian). what's worse, is when you feel like you should be loyal and local to the given state you are in and heck, eat their chicken.  sure, it's a chain. but if your there might as well belly up to the KFC bar.  mostly gag, sure.  but we were just trying to be kentucky. 

they were out of biscuits.
if you are KFC one thing you better not run out of is biscuits. we originally went in to stretch our legs, you know exercise on our way into the fried chicken.  well, after waiting ten minutes in no line, we decide the drive thru would be quicker.

when i'm wrong i say i'm wrong.
since we were in the drive through they said we could just pull around and wait 15 short minutes until the were ready.
we declined.
didn't need the carbs or the biscuits.
brad ordered some sweet dessert thing though.
they were still frozen and unavailable BUT since they were out of biscuits, they gave us extra chicken (protein, good. biscuits, bad...) and offered two other sweet things IF we could just pull up for two minutes because they had to cook those.
after laughing and waiting for forever. we went inside...

to get refills. 

and then napkins. 
and then asked about our promised sweet snack.
they didn't have those. they forgot.
BUT they did have biscuits.
they gave us four. 

be still our carb eatin' heart.
but didn't know how to refund our money from the sweet snacks that were promised but still forzen and forgotten.
and after an hour of pure is this really happening a refund was the least of our worries.
keep the money. hire a manager. 
while I was waiting to ask about our sweet snack there were four other people in line complaining that their food was wrong. one lady had a bowl of gravy. no potatoes. girlfriend was not happy. she musta needed those carbs.
it was so horrible, it was awesome. and we swore on the way home that we would gas up in ohio and skip kentucky. except we made a wrong turn on the way home in kentucky. 


girlfriend does not disappoint. right?
her CD on repeat on the way there (especially through kentucky!) and back was much better than the show.  but it was madonna, she is fifty four and way in shape, and can dance real good and is real flexible thanks to all that yoga she does with gweneth.

note to madonna:  if you are madonna just sing your old stuff.  no need to be new and current.  embrace those old songs and stick to those.  we don't need new music.  nope, sure don't.  promise.

to be continued...

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