every monday morning.

monday morning.

here's how it goes.

sister, are you ready to put your ballet clothes on?

ugh, caca?  and then we go get doughnuts and milk?

you want to get doughnuts and milk after ballet?

YES caca, pink with no spwinkles and milk!

okay, we'll let's get your clothes on...

every monday.  this is the conversation.  and if i don't answer precisely and to the point and make myself clear that yes, after ballet we will get a doughnut, she follows me around until she locks down an answer.  often times, i am doing something around the house and since sister never stops talking there is plenty of uh huh and hmmm and uh uh that find their way out of my mouth...she will say caca, don't say uh huh.  you say yes or no.  

confirmative, little miss chatty persistence.

and yes, this is the response that follows after we have ordered out pink with no spwinkles with milk.

on this monday we lucked up and met her little friend there, who happens to be just as big of a fan as sister.  neater, perhaps, but still a fan.

you know what they say, america runs on dunkin.  and i believe that, so i am just doing my part to start little bit early on the path to health.
except, that's a joke and we weren't at dunkin doughnuts.  but that is what they say.

hope your monday is as good as theirs is gonna be.

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