my guy

we met in the most unlikely of scenarios. 

he was an extra in a small film. I was on set doing hair and make up. 
call time 3:30 am.

as we were driving across Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio a few weekends ago i looked over at him and said,  "you know, HOW we met just proves that we were meant to know one another."

who says yes to a job starting at 3:30? we both did that day. 

brad says it was like god was telling him "you need to do this. you need to go."

it makes me smile to think of our story and how we met and then became husband and wife. 

another time that weekend, when we were yelling at each other from across the table because we had picked a restaurant that's music was not kind on the ears, I was telling him how I thought it was remarkable that he trusted me so soon. 

without missing a beat he said "you're just my best friend." and he's always felt that way. 

makes my heart melt all over again. 

from the way I can feel his hand on my back when we are in a crowd to the way I can see him trying to make eye contact with me if we are across the room---every day he blesses me and loves me. 

and then he tells me. over and over again. 

often, just when I walk by,
when I'm busy, 
or, when I'm working,
he'll look me in the eye and say "I love you" 

and I am taken back to that March morning nearly three years ago when I said yes to that 3:30 appointment to be the hair and make up girl on a set of a movie that would change my life. 

I would have considered myself blessed just knowing him. but to be his wife...

my cup over flows. 


Kassi Mortensen said...

You're such a softie friend! I love it! :) And a fun how we met story to boot!

jessica dukes said...

hahah, i so am!

Amanda said...

This is so sweet that it gave me a cavity. What a great story!

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