noah row your boat a shore...

this weekend it rained. and then it rained some more.  

and then...

some more.
i had the kids (that i nanny) from thursday to sunday because their parents took a little adult road trip. saturday after the soccer game was cancelled because of the downpours, we decided to load up and go to toys r' us.  

here's the thing about being the nanny.  fun all the time.

except when a seven year old is not nice to their brother.

then i can totally turn on the 'ms. jessica' voice.
this boy loves a "plush" - if you called it a stuffed animal (which i always do), he corrects you everytime.
brad loves wrestling. they love wrestling.
ugh, anyone else notice that this 'bob' went horribly wrong?  too many layers, need to blend a little more?  anyone?
and can i just tell you that i sometimes i am amazed by how well brad loves me.  when i have to work, he always stays with me, plays with the kids, talks to them, gets on their level.  gives them time.  which gives me a break if i need one, or lets me throw a load of laundry in the wash.  my favorite in the above picture:  sister and her hot dog bun smile.  she only eats hot dog buns at sonic because that's cool.
this picture describes their relationship to a T.  it kinda makes me throat hurt because it tells such a word picture.  that little one loves him.  LOVES him.  and brad loves him right back.  

when we have kids, i'm a goner...

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tricia said...

WHEN you have kids is EXACTLY right. :) Praying for you! Hope you're feeling good.

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