bicentennial, BABY!

so since its socially acceptable to be fashionably late to the party, although i loathe being late.  here i find myself thinking i need taaaa climb on board the blog every day in may challenge.  and since we all know what today is (NOT may numero uno!), we also know that i am a little behind, lucky for you that means i will be cramming (remember those days?) and writing my tail off to catch up...okay, i'm being a tad dramatic, seeing that it's all of may third, but still...

the first prompt was tell your life story in 250 words or less.  

shall we start at the beginning?  i was born on february 5, 1976 to roy and jane morrison.  (that makes me thirty-seven for those of y'all that are trying to do the math in your head.  also for those of you who are like "dang!  she only looks like 20!?!  i know, right!?! i really do, but...) some might say my childhood was boring, but i'll just call it good. we had dinner together every night and spent a lot of good, quality time together. my dad was a mechanic and worked a 9-5 and my mom was his secretary until i was in 7th grade and she took a job in town.

i have a brother that is twelve years older than me, and his name is trampas.  they NEVER ever spelled it right in the yearbook, never, not once.  some people like to call his TR, i have always called him bubba.  still do to this day.  i am the only one that calls him that, since he is my one and only and i am his one and only little sis' - and i like it that way.

my childhood was normal, we never moved, i always had the same address and during the week if i wasn't hanging out with my parents, i was often playing with my cousin skyler that lived across the road.  morrison lane is a dead end, with my parents house at the beginning, then there was my aunt mop and uncle dick and then my aunt sherry and barry.  only three houses on the lane, so i was usually at home or one of their houses.

i was raised without a TV.  this is my favorite thing to tell people, because they think it's crazy.  and it was great.  i read a lot, and really didn't feel like i missed out on anything.  there were no religious reasons or real reasons we didn't have a TV, and my parents have one now, my parents just felt like there wasn't anything great on to offer their family so we just didn't have one.

i went to college in my hometown and graduated with a degree in special education while i was a live in nanny for a local family who had three small children, one being special needs.

i never really dated much and knew that i wouldn't date until i found my person.  i longed to meet that person early on, but was pretty content with the wait.  sure, there were days, weeks and months, that my friends might tell you different, but i never dated just to date. i knew god had placed it in my heart that i was supposed to wait and save myself for that one guy however long it took---and like they always say, "don't ever pray for patience..."  because i met brad when i was thirty-two.  just when i thought that window of marriage and family might be running out.

fact:  one of the first things i randomly said to brad (sometimes i talk to much) is "i'm 32 and i really need to get married and have babies."  and no, i wasn't interested (he would tell you different) in him, i was just talking, i had NO idea later i would be telling OUR story.

brad and i were friends for a long time.  our story varies.  he says we were friends WAAAAAY longer than i say we were friends.  of course, my version of our story is correct.  i joke and say we were friends until we said "i do." he couldn't resist my charm or maybe it was that i would not go away...and finally in october of 2010 on the beaches of north carolina, he asked me to be his wife.  we got married in the same place we met and the history in the making.

my life has been blessed, i have far more than i deserve and i am so thankful.

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