capturing moments.

gah, this is the part of the interview (wait, this is a blog, my blog...) where i start to wiggle in my chair and i look like a do-do.

let me back up, i am doing the blog a day in may challenge and the second (MAY 2) prompt is educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at...and again i want to get under the table and say, oh gosh, i dunno.

i kinda want to say instagram, because that seems to be my main talent addiction these days, but let's go with capturing moments.

i'm good at capturing moments.

i have always been in the detail of the moment.  i also have the advantage of having a three year old to chase most days and when she's not around, my husband is pretty cute too.

whether you have a nice DSLR camera, a cheapo or your iphone (which is a great camera these days!): if the moment presents itself, even you can capture that beauty.

here are some go to tips to keep in mind:

- if you are taking a picture of someone who is three foot tall (a child):  get on their level.  you are much taller than them.  get on their level.

- get creative with your angles.  as much as yes, you should get on their level - get creative!  shoot from above them, or a weird angle, you might love what you see!

just take the shot!  be ready.  have your camera close at all times, or the phone and just take the shot.  because taking the shot means YOU captured the moment.  so what if the picture is grainy, blurry or not everything you thought it would be---you captured that moment in time that you will never get back.  and sometimes a blurry photo tells a story on it's own.

there are so many free (and not free) photo editing (photobucket, picmonkey) websites and tutorials, that you can always make an okay picture great.  

so just have your camera ready and take the picture(s) -

OH, and don't just take one.  take three or MORE!  you will be shocked at what taking a few images of the same thing, what you will end up seeing, which one you will like more.  and it only takes a few seconds.

DO get that camera out of your pocket and capture those moments.  the everyday.  
because one day, you will wish you had.

are you here from the blog a day in may challenge?  wanna read my life story?  here it is.  go ahead tell me how behind i am too, i know i know i know.  give a girl a break, it's friday.
let's talk more, have any more photo tips questions?  anything i missed?  show me your pictures, tell me where they are and i will come and look.  

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