things that make me uncomfortable, ewwwww.

day three of blog a day in may continues with things that make me uncomfortable...obviously.

that is my number one.  talk about uncomfortable on a whole 'nother level.  oh my goodness!  i don't even know if i can write this post because i get the heebee-jeebees just thinking about all this stuff...

FACT:  brad saw a mouse in our house last weekend while i was working.  thank my lucky stars i was working, because i might have died.  we bought those sticky traps and set two out.  then tuesday we were watching mad men in our bedroom and brad hears this squeaky MOUSE sound.  me, being the dummy that i am, said "oh i think that's a bird!"  when do you ever hear a bird tweeting at night?  yeah, no.  brad says, "ugh, i think it might be a mouse."  shivers UP THE SPINE.
i immediately get in the fetal position with my hands cupped around my face and ask him to go check. he comes running back to the bedroom with an affirmation of a mouse.
i'm like "babe!  you have to get it yourself!  i can not help you.  please don't ask me to help you."  and i was begging and pleading.
"well, how am i supposed to get it?" he said, as he gave my an example of what the house was doing stuck on the sticky pad.
"just get it and take it out quick before it gets away!"  so THANKFULLY he got it, put it in a plastic bag, sealed that bad boy and took him out in the outside trash.  oh my gosh.  seriously, i'm not right and i know it.

this is what peggy was doing as i was screaming and brad was rescuing...

and here's a few more things that make me uncomfortable...

- when i see pedicurist doing 'the razor" on peoples feet.  ahhhh.

- that commercial on TV where the person is shaving their legs and the razor cuts them and they go "ouch!" ahhhh.

- watching anything plastic surgery on the face on TV.  especially ears.  ahhhh.

- awkward people that think they are cool.  you know what i mean.

- everyone on jersey shore, the show.  not like the actual shore.

- talking about money with your/my employers.

- women that dress in too revealing outfits.  like way to much boob and bottom for the world to see.  i wanna cover them with a blanket.

uncomfortable now?  yeah, me too.

moving on.

here's some instagram dump for the week.  i'm morrisonlane on there if you would like to be friends.

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