a public apology.

today's prompt was 'issue a public apology' - thanks a lot.

i only feel appropriate that this go to brad, since he's my main offender in the apology department.  meaning, i say "i'm sorry" to him a lot.  my mistakes are 'aplenty.  but today we are just going to go where no man will ever understand:  lamps.

dear babe,

i am so sorry that i feel the need to have every lamp on in the house at any time.  i am also sorry that i think our "entrance lamp" [you know the one i'm talking about...] needs to be on at all times minus when we are sleeping.  and honestly, i would want it to be on 24/7 because of the soft glow it omits but know that there is no chance in...should i say it... yeah, well.  i'd loose that one.

here's the thing.  i just love them.  they give the house such a homey look and i feel like they say "well, come on in..." and i like that.

i realize i'm a little obsessive about them.  and maybe over time when i have more to do than flip light switches on and off they will become less important.  don't count your chickens...'cause it ain't gonna happen...but one (you) can hope.

and while we are on the subject, my hope is that you step away from the darkside and see the [my] light.

i love you [more than the prettiest glow of a lamp],


Alicia said...

We have a lamp that stays on 24/7 (even when we sleep) in our den. I love it. It's nice to come home to & it is also nice to wake up in the middle of the night to walk through the house with a soft glow rather than a harsh overhead light..

jessica dukes said...

amen. could you tecxt brad that... haha

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