sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy. no, really it does.

day 14 of the challenge, is fun, ten things that make you really happy.
 + natural light.  sunshine on my shoulders. literally.
+ hosting parties
+ starbucks.  the cup, the coffee, everything.  starbucks on a cool day?  fuuugetaboutit.
+ peggy. funny story, a few weeks ago, lil bit was having a playdate with one of her favorite two year old friends.  peggy would jump on him for a kiss (bad dog!) and he would say, "peddy!  det down!  peddy! det down!"  [say it out loud] it totally stuck, poor peggy has become peddy around here lately.
+ my favorite guy, brad
+ day dates with lori and bessie [doesn't happen nearly enough]
+ interior design
+ mascara 
+ swimming pool + diet limeaid + girlfriend + sunshine = perfect summer day
+ the today show

BAM.  done and done.

what makes you happy?


Melissa DeLong said...

Mascara is my favorite - so much that I won't take mine off at night because I like it to look HUGE. I would wear fake eyelashes, but I'm not that talented. ;)

Nice to meet you! x

kayleigh maryon said...

I to am a fan of starbucks, particularly their pumpkin spice latte. Whats not to love.
Stopping by from the blog challenge.

jessica dukes said...

Melissa. I'm obsessed too. I don't take mine off at night either. mainly because I'm lazy! haha :)

fellow mascara addict,

jessica dukes said...

oh man! me too! so good and so scream fall is here. what's not to love! gaaaah!

jessica :)

casey ann said...

OH MY well the perfect summer day is near the top of the list for me.. just a dream!! Love your list :)

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