and the best ankles go to...

when i saw today's prompt Something someone told you about yourself that you'll never forget. 
shoes c/o tory burch . skirt + shirt c/o old navy
the first thing that came to my mind when i saw today's prompt was when my former boss said to me one day in a rush to get in the door to watch her three children so she could leave for work...she looked at me and said, "you have the best ankles!" i remember thinking, "thanks, i think?" 

i mean, the best ankles?  so people aspire to have good ankles?
are their ankle models?
'cause if so, sign me up.

i was dying for the best eyes superlative in high school.  didn't get it.
darn it.
BUT if there would have been "best ankles" you KNOW i would have gotten in.  hands down.

if you want a picture of my awesome ankles for your new screen saver, you just call me.  
because these ankles are dying to show off.

that's all i got.  
ankles out.

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