no good, rotten traits.

today's prompt, errrr....two days ago...was tell us your three worst traits.  thanks, thanks a lot, jenni. 

i asked brad when i was about to write this post, "hey honey, what's my three worst traits?" 
he said, "you want me to be completely honest."

"yeah, i guess so.  well, heck.  yes.  be completely honest."
and then i sat down on the couch and braced myself.
do not cry jessica.  do not cry.

he said, 1. "well, for one, you're not selfish enough."
silently me, "shew, i like how this is going...keep talking babe."
no really, i am kind of a push over.  i always say yes.  i over commit.  i never have a hard time taking time for me.  all the above can be great qualities if you do this within reason, myself on the other hand...  give it all away, and then have nothing left over.  my new years resolution LAST year (like 2011-2012) was take more time for me, i still have the sheet of paper i wrote it on, on the 'frig.  because i need a daily reminder.  i will have to say I THINK i have gotten better this year.  i have made the time to workout nearly every day, go get the occasional pedicure, etc...  i have a servants heart, but i have learned that even having the heart of a servant, you still need and have to be selfish at times.  i am a work in progress.  sure glad i have patient people around me.

2.  i am a little too sensitive.  i can get my feelings hurt pretty easy.  i think i am all hard and bad to the bone and then brad can look at me wrong or say something silly and suddenly he's like, "why are you so upset?" "gaaaa, i don't know?  i'm a girl???"  i have gotten better at this the older and more mature i have gotten...but still...lacking. in. this. area.
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3.  i like chocolate a little too much.  i know this is kinda a lame trait.  but i adopted the whole dark chocolate is good for you slogan earlier in the year.  so in my pea brain thought i should always have some dark chocolate at the house...because a little piece of it is good for you.  except i have a hard time with the little piece thing.  so just this past week i came to the realization if it ain't here, it won't be a struggle.  

4.  i'm not the smartest.

(these ryan gosling funnies have nothing to do with anything.  other than they are FUNNY!)

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