life lessons.

we are on the ending stretch now...and then i may never blog again for my fingers need a break.  todays topic -'things you've learned that school won't teach you.'

let us start with one word.  everything.

life has taught me that people are good.  kind even.  sure, there are some bad guys out there and not so kind people out there, but as a rule i do think people are kind.  

being kind to others can get you far.

pets are one of life's greatest things.  bad day? but a happy little ball of fur still loving on you unconditionally?  
win win.

relax. have fun.  following the rules are good, but sometimes it is okay to deviate from those rules.

when you get crazy with your clothes and wear something that you think is really crazy. like a hat, funky hair. people aren't going to stare.  they don't care.  go for it.  be edgy.  take a chance with style.

watch the news.  be well informed. good, bad, whatever. it makes you feel and look smarter knowing what is going on with the world.

learn to like salad.  

drive the speed limit and throw your phone in the back seat so you are not tempted to text/talk and drive.

it is okay to be quiet.

be a good listener.

and think before you speak.

what about you?


Sandy said...

Nice, love what you said about kindness. I don't throw my phone in the back seat, but I love your point for people who can't control themselves. We are in the home stretch for BEDIM

Seoul Sold said...

Learning to like salad has saved me countless hours in the gym, and I loved your point on being quiet. Sometimes I still struggle with not needing to full the silence with mindless chatter.

jessica dukes said...

:) did we learn anything in school really?!

jessica dukes said...

I should eat MORE salad! :)

Aleshea said...

Yep, still learning to like salad. My half eaten supper Friday night is just another fail

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

Listen I ate a salad tonight.

but I drenched it in dressing.. because... because.. I was upset that it was Thursday and not friday?

jessica dukes said...

whatever girl! salad with dressing is still salad! am i right???? :-)

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