clean eating: lettuce wraps!

**seriously people, read this, maybe just look at the pictures and run to your kitchen and make these and then eat them all.  
you'll naturally think i'm the smartest gal in nashville, so it's a win win.
you buying what i'm selling?

when brad asks for lettuce wraps, i get reeeeeeal excited.
because they are soooo good. and sooo pretty.
and i am a huge lettuce wrap fan in general...ever had them at rainforest cafe or the cheesecake factory?  this lends to OMG moments and i don't do OMG's. 

here's what you need to make some happy people!

lettuce wraps:
one head of iceburg lettuce (we tried romaine once and i just don't like it as well, i think you need the crunch.)
fill the lettuce wraps with:
turkey burger (i cook mine with cumin, red pepper, salt, pepper and clean taco seasoning)
cucumbers (not a fan, that's okay.  i just really really like cucumber and the crunch, again.)
plain greek yogurt (pile it ON, taste just like sour cream.  swear you'll feel like your cheating on your diet!)
you can add cheese, we usually don't, you really don't need it.

roll that bad boy up and devour.

i usually make black beans or refried beans as a side, but to tell you the truth, the wraps are so good, you just want to eat those.

can you tell i am excited about these things?  
i'm in love with lettuce wraps.
'tis true.


Amanda said...

These pictures are lovely. Even the bowl of lettuce looks delicious.

jessica dukes said...

aren't you sweet! thank you. try them, they are so so good!

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