prayers for oklahoma.

in 1999, a tornado came through my hometown of clarksville, tennessee.  i was in college at the time at the local university, austin peay state university.
i remember going to bed the night before, sitting my alarm to wake up early to go in and take an exam.  i was a live-in nanny at the time.  
i remember tossing and turning all night because of a bad storm.
that was the methodist church where i attended.
i remember getting up and stumbling to the shower in my sleepy state and getting a knock on the bathroom door while i was in the shower.
"jessica.  you don't have school today.  we're not even sure there's a school left."
the campus was in shambles.  the city was devastated. as were the residents.
my hometown woke up looking much different than when i went to bed the previous night.

oklahoma.  you are in my prayers and thoughts.  last night was we celebrated my very best friends birthday with dinner, all i could think about was you.  your people.  your kids.  as we celebrated my best friend, her life, i couldn't help but think about birthdays that were shattered yesterday.
but oklahoma, here's what i learned from tennessee in 1999 - you are resilient.
you still shine and will shine brighter in days to come.
goodness will uprise from your roots.
but in the meantime, i will pray for you.
we will pray for you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica!! Ive been reading your blog for a while now. I found you through What I wore Wednesday. I live in Oklahoma and just want to thank you for your thoughts and prayers for my state. I live a couple of hours south of Moore and am very thankful that all my family and friends are safe. My heart is breaking for all of the people hurting from this storm. Thanks again!! Amy

jessica dukes said...

amy. my heart is breaking for your city. praying so hard.

Anonymous said...

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