i heard grace, i heard mercy...

**day six of the blog every day in may challenge is here, and today's prompt is...if you couldn't answer with your job, how would you tell someone what you do?  i mean, come on that's hard!

i know i saw this every post lately, but for real, this one almost got me.  if anything, these prompts are making me think a lot.  not that i go throughout my day not thinking, but you know what i'm saying...

if someone was to ask me "what do you do?"  
here's how the conversation goes...

oh, i'm a nanny and personal assistant.

oh really!?  that's cool.  how many kids?

twins boys that are seven and then they have a little sister who is three.

what do their parents do?

i tell them what their parents do...

then i also tell them i have a degree in special education, sometimes i add i went to hair school.  for some reason, i find these two things crucial to this conversation nearly every time the "what do ya do?" questions comes up.
that being said, i would have to say, my job aside, i am a caretaker to my core.  when i moved to nashville, my two best friends (roommates) and i had monday night parties every week, every week for two years i cooked dinner for whoever showed up.  sometimes it would be ten, sometimes forty.  i worried about my musician friends that were nashville transplants who were away from home.  i thought a home cooked meal once a week and unconditional love, a place to just be themselves, to just be loved and accepted might just be a weekly saving grace.  for two years, we saw so many people that we call friends now, some we will never see again, walk through our back door.  cute boys, not so cute boys, weirdos, girls that talked to much, unlovables...
i heard many conversations in these weeks fade in and out, 
i heard kindness and love and acceptance...
i heard grace.
i heard mercy.
and every week we made our house their home.  
i lived for these weeks.  it's just who i am.

now that i am married to brad, i love to make sure he is fed, he always has what he needs.  i love to give him cards, and make sure his basic needs and met and then so much more.  i want him to feel loved well by me, and feel like he is the luckiest man in the world being married to me.  (i have a lot of short comings and i am positive this is not how he always feels!) but my desire is for him to feel loved to the core, to feel spoiled and never want for anything.  for him to go to bed happy and fulfilled.

when i know that a friend is hurting or sad, i want to do whatever i can to make it better.  pray with them, make them a meal, love on them just a little more, let them know that i am all in...i care.

so it's natural, i happen to fall into the career of being a nanny.  a family that i can do all of the above for...and happen to get paid as an added bonus.

i have so so many faults, but my nature is nurturing.  and if you know me...really know me, you probably have felt suffocated by my love on more than one occasion...

that being sad, i'm having everyone over for dinner...come one, come all!
i'm cooking!
monday night?

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