amanda, you inspire me.

well, moving on to day five of the challenge! and i haven't missed a beat.  and it's sunday y'all and i am blogging.  it's like a sabbath miracle!!! we won't talk about how...i showed up three days late to this party and had to play catch-up.  and let's just hope that i stay on time or ahead.  
good for you, great for me.

today was hard for me, i have a lot of good friends around me, and some great blog friends that inspire me, as well. but after thinking about it for a while, i kept coming back to amanda.  she blogs over at and honestly, all i have to do is type a "t" in my search box on my computer and her blog address appears.  here's what she looks like, and that guy hanging all over her, is her husband, danny.  we like him too.
they just became new parents to sweet arlo, who's a month old now and is the cutest thing ever with a full head of hair.  really, you should check him out.  if you love some squishy new babyness, he's your guy.

amanda and danny have a story that really touched my heart.  after three miscarriages, one being arlo's twin, she finally carried sweet arlo to term and blogged all about her pregnancy growing sweet arlo,   using humor and laughter all along the way. and although their story has been anything but easy up to this point with three losses, you can't help but think arlo is one special little boy to be born to amanda and danny.  

also, girlfriend can decorate a nursery like no other.  

so amanda, you inspire me.  
for never giving up.  
and pressing on...even when it was so so hard.

go check her blog out and tell her i sent you and while you are there, you WILL NOT be able to help yourself as you ooohhhh-ahhhhh all over baby arlo and his sweet little face.

and also, how awesome is arlo's name?  i mean, COME ON.

*who inspires you?  there are so many others i could name, i really wanted to do a top five blog list, but i think that's another day...and i am a rule follower to my core.  i'm that exciting folks.  for real.

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