if peggy was a model this would be in the front of her portfolio. but alas, she's a poodle with a tail so no modeling in her future.

this weekend we made a quick trip to knoxville.  our friends are expecting a sweet baby boy and had a couples shower which was fun, and brad's little [he's eighteen but i like how little sounds...] brother had just gotten back from a week long church trip so we were anxious to see him and hear some retreat stories...  you know we all have them.

i am always reminded when i go home with brad how great god really is.  this new family that i have had for just a little over two years blesses me every day, and although no one will ever top my parents, if i had to pick parents-in-laws...i could not have picked better myself.  makes me heart full knowing this was the plan all along.

happy monday friends.

p.s.  this weekend i am going to bonnaroo with brad plus 80,000 of my best hippie friends.  i have never been to bonnaroo before and am a little nervous/scared/freaked out/the list goes on... brad DID tell me they have a tent where they will wash and fix your hair so maybe...when the tough gets impossible i'll just go get my hair washed for free.
"oh okay, babe.  you're going to a show?"
"i'll just be in the tent getting my hair washed..."

this should be entertaining to say the least.
i might just have the cleanest head at bonnaroo.

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