ray lamontagne for president.

sunday night, ray lamontagne came to music city.  he brought with him, his friend, david gray, which i thought was pretty nice of ray, personally.  to share the stage and all.  he is such a nice guy like that.

to say the least, ray lamontagne is one of my favorite artist.  i used to could stay he is my stand alone favorite, but since the introduction of www.braddstudios.blogspot.com into my life and his own personal music and the other greats (uh hum, the national...) he has introduced to me, my list of favorites have grown.  and are growing.  i am quite cultured in concert going as well these days (more on that later, i have a brag list that i shall share with you when it is complete.)

a friend asked me last night, "how was ray?"  which is not the best question to ask me, because he could seriously stand on the stage and just...do nothing.  and i would still think it was amazing.  but last night, he TORE IT UP.  he was awesome, incredible.  his new album combined with some of his older stuff made the night complete.

my only complaint was...it ended wayyyy to quickly.  why can't he do a six hour show?  i mean, is he LAZY.  geez!

here are some pictures of the local opening gal, erin mccarley, who i had seen before and was really good.  she was accompanied by k.s. rhoads, who is also local nashville and i am also a fan of him and his clothing, dude is a snazzy dresser, not gonna lie.  then there are some of ray and david.

and wouldn't you know it, my camera settings were all screwy until after ray was over and the house lights came on between sets and i was able to fix it, so no good shot of ray.  fail, i know, i know.

what a good night.

and the 'best thing that ever happened to me' happened to be sitting right beside me when ray sang "you are the best thaaaaang that eva happened to me..." so it made the night that much more special.  happy. me.
do you know it makes me a little crazy that all of the pictures were blurry until david gray?  uuugggghhh.  get it together, jessica!

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