it's not about the orzo.

yesterday when i got home i was in a bad mood.  i like to think of myself as pleasant as pie all the time, but yeah...yesterday i was just foul, i could feel it in my bones.  so if i could feel it, i knew brad could sense it...and all the while i was just thinking, "why am i in a bad mood?" so i stomped around, made dinner, did a load of laundry, and cleaned our bedroom.

then brad told me he didn't want orzo with his fish, which kinda aggravated me too.  because i had planned to have orzo with our dinner.  and the plate was going to be pretty - orzo, creamed spinach and tilapia kinda pretty.

but he didn't want orzo.

like i said, over all a general bad mood.

so i made fish and spinach and the plate was perfect and fine.  then we sat down to have dinner together.  he grabbed my hand and we blessed our food and suddenly it was okay, the bad mood started to melt away as we talked about our day and life.  it was like a calm came over me and the bad mood went away just like that orzo went away when i put it back in the cabinet.  

sure we all have our moments and days and time when we are just not feeling it, but more than anything...when i looked across the table at the man who had just grabbed his crabby wife's hand so we could pray, i was so thankful.  and had no choice but to be.

thanks a lot god, thanks a lot brad.  i was kinda enjoying wollowing.

and then as brad grabbed my hand without missing a beat he said, "why don't you pray tonight?" he always prays.  it was like he was winking at god, saying, "i got this, we'll get her."

so i had no choice but to offer up a whole lot of thanks for the...

hot food that we were about to consume.
warm clothes we had on our body.
roof over our decorated house.
friends and family that love us.
love that i had in front of me.

for the orzo that we have in the cabinet for another night.

this heart is thankful.
i almost forgot...


Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Love this post! WE all have bad days girlie! :) Very cool of the hubs to help you get past it though!

Anonymous said...

This post is beautiful girl. We all have our days :b

meg said...

this made me smile :) so thankful for godly husbands!

jessica dukes said...

Thanks girls. And just so you know. Mrs. Grumpy is in a much better mood today. :-)

Ashlyn said...

what a great post missy!
bad girls come around all the time, we just have to learn to be positive when they do come!

glad you have a man who loves you :]

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