on tuesday i lost my mind.

my word.  for some reason, i lost my mind last weekend and thought i could redesign my blog in new, fun colors.  an hour later, i shut the computer, had no header (and left it that way all week) and wanted to cry.  that superb attitude carried on throughout the week, hence the lack of post.

i was mad at my blog.  we almost broke up.
then we had a comin' to jesus.
i decided to change my attitude, and what you see is the new result.
(after five + hours of labor)

if you charge a fortune for blog design...GOOD.  you are worth every penny (i say, go higher!), because this girl who has no clue what in the heck she is doing...thinks you are really really smart.  i didn't get your brain, but i could babysit your baby with the best of them.

i promise to improve my mood (and my blog) by monday and then the world (or morrison lane, rather) will be a happier place.

p.s.  i also am going on less than three hours of sleep and no coffee and am blogging to you from inside in a bathing suit.
see, told you = lost my mind.

thank you LORD, it's friday.

have a good weekend, friends.
what do you think of the new design so far?
i thrive on input.  talk to me.


Crystal said...

Like the new layout. Sorry to hear you had such frustrations with it, that is no fun! Happy Happy Friday!

jessica dukes said...

thanks girl. i appreciate it. happy friday to you!

Briana@SweetCGrace said...

I like it! So light and fresh-looking! I seriously want to lighten mine up!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Oh girl, sorry you had a rough week! Please don't ever break up with your blog... It and the rest of us would be sad! :)

jessica dukes said...

briana, thanks! thats what i was going for, my exact words! i want it to be happy, and light and fun! :-) thank you.

kassi, oh thanks sweet friend. :-) i stalked your blog for a while today. :-)

Kendra @ A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

This made me smile, I have a self hosted blog and I felt like quitting blogging before I ever started because it was so frustrating :)

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