my weekend uniform.

so this is my weekend uniform.  i have had these shorts for a few weeks now and i am going to wear them out by summers end. not even kidding, i don't know what i wore before i had them.

i met my friend for an early dinner the other night and she said "i feel like you belong in the hamptons with that outfit."  sold, confirmation that i should wear it all.  the.  time.

what's your go to outfit?

shirt, sweater:  old navy
shorts:  target
shoes: TOMS

p.s.  my face is the color of those shorts because i was DUMB the other day.  #fail #sunburn #boo


Christina said...

You have a great sense of style & I love the way you put things together. I also love your blog!!!
I am fascinated by your life as a nanny. I am a 48 year old Mom to 2 kids a boy Levi 16 & a girl Daisy 13. Keep on blogging & sharing your heart & your life.
I also want to say thank you because your post about that was a great reminder!!

jessica dukes said...

oh, thank you christina, that is always so good to hear. i am glad you like it. you are sweet. the ones i nanny for are fun, and i am sure i can keep you entertained with little stories of them. ;-) thanks again for the sweet comment, you made my saturday!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Ooh I likes! I wear Toms a lot too... and flip flops... and capris... and.... haha.

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