the day jessica felt small. enter the redwood forest.

AS IF we all didn't already know god was the most creative artist ever, enter the redwood forest because on the day god created these bad boys he must have thrown in an extra scoop or twenty of protein powder, because these monster trees do not disappoint.  

personally, standing at five foot ten inches i have never been petite, or thought i was...only dreamed about how it would be to be little until i met the redwoods and i felt so small and tiny that i wanted to stay forever.  i looked at brad at one point and told him i felt like i was on honey i shrunk the kids, i mean...THAT BIG.

here, let me show you.
look at little ole me.  i mean i am soooo short.  i totally dressed for the trees this day too.  even wore a cute necklace because i wanted them to like me.  
here's how it goes...
me:  hey babe, lets take our picture here.  
then we wrangle our bodies together to what we think when holding the camera out in front of us, when turned around it will have captured us.  in the moment.  bliss.  and in love.  
except that happens, well never.
this picture up above.  yeah.  as soon as we turned the picture around i was like "brad you look like a creeper!"  
i mean, does he not? hilarious.
at least we think we are funny too.  
then we found a tree (imagine that?) to sit the camera on and self timed this beauty.  i should stick to that from now on...
one of my favorite stops on our eleven day journey.  absolutely stunning the handiwork of god.  i couldn't help but think of the steven curtis chapman song "when i see you i see the fingerprints of god..." as we were walking around this heavenly place.  



Rita said...

beautiful! nothing quite as amazing as huge trees!

Kassi Mortensen said...

How fun! I've always wanted to go there! Love the pics of you guys together!

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